Cross-media publishing as a winning recipe.

FHKN: Cross-media publishing

Under the motto “you never have enough knowledge”, FHKN encourages professionals to continue to develop themselves with training materials. The organisation aims to help professionals on their way, but was looking for an experienced partner with effective advice to embark on the most efficient training path together.

In a process of joint creation, we decided to organise their communication using a host of interactive tools (marketing, e-learning, exams and a webshop). With this personalised mix of cross-media publishing, together we are taking a step closer to their target audiences.

Continuing to encourage development

Stichting Wijnonderwijs Nederland (Netherlands wine education foundation) makes information about wine accessible. With a few ingredients, we concocted a winning recipe together:

  • books full of knowledge about wine, beer and spirits
  • an e-learning programme about wine and information about the wine exam.

Those who take the exam receive a printed diploma at home afterwards.

Training books

In a process of joint creation with the renowned wine authors Lars Daniels,

René van Heusden, Gerhard Horstink, Magda van der Rijst

and Henri Reuchlin, we designed educational books full of knowledge.



In close cooperation with Stichting Platform Dranken, we developed a unique online wine course.

It did not stop with one course, because after the first level, “I know a bit about wine”, the second level, “I know a bit more about wine” followed, as did the third level, “I know a lot about wine”. In addition, FHKN now even offers training on beer and spirits.

The educational copy was supplemented with a professional photoshoot. The text and images were cast into an intuitive structure with a clear, responsive layout. The result is a user-friendly tool that encourages learning with a series of lessons that continues to enrich your knowledge of wine.


A clear organisation thanks to

the product development of interactive tools.


A personalised mix of cross-media publishing.

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