We helped this valued partner with the realisation of international press kits, event materials and the update of their Toyota Europe Newsroom.

TME: quality at its best

Toyota Motor Europe, based in Brussels and staffed by 2,700 people of over 60 nationalities, is responsible for the European marketing of Toyota and Lexus vehicles, parts and accessories. In addition, TME also manages Toyota’s European R&D, manufacturing and engineering activities.

For Toyota, high quality is central to their daily way of working. Nothing is completely perfect. That is why they are constantly striving for improvement in all their orders and activities. This basic principle is called “KAIZEN”, and it is the guiding principle in their pursuit of the highest quality and delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction.

As a solutions partner, we are happy to contribute to their “KAIZEN” principle.

1. Toyota Europe Newsroom

We have been working together with TME’s Product Communications department very well for many years.

In a process of joint creation with this department, we achieve great personalised communication intended for the many pan-European launches of Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

In concrete terms, we try to help our valued partner with professional support in organising and updating their Toyota Europe Newsroom.

2. Press kits and event materials

We discuss, organise and produce international press kits and various personalised event materials for all European launches of Toyota and Lexus vehicles in close cooperation with TME and other parties involved. All of this with a realistic budget and approach.

Quality, flexibility and unburdening with room for joint creation are the keywords that perfectly describe our successful cooperation with TME.


Adapting all communication to the needs,

wishes and image of TME.


Adapting all communication to the needs,

wishes and image of TME.

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