Clear communication organised in an innovative and user-friendly digital annual report

2018: the year of Zefier

On 1 April 2018, the energy company Finilek was renamed Zefier. The change brought a fresh new breeze to the company. A fresh look and feel that they also wanted for their communication. Zefier asked us to help them with this.


Clear, intuitive and easy to use

A clear annual report serves as an organisation’s business card or portfolio. It is the ideal vehicle to share successes, pitfalls and future prospects. That’s why Zefier entrusted us, as a solutions partner, with the mission of clearly organising and visualising their large amount of content. Together we decided to give the format of their old report a major facelift through an online magazine that is easy to use on both desktop and mobile. Clear, intuitive and easy to use. Moreover, the magazine is easy to adjust, so the figures are always up to date.

“An attractive annual report was very important to us. We are very pleased with the cooperation and the result.”

Philippe Rossie - Secretary, Zefier

A brand-new look

The old annual report was revitalised with animated images accompanying texts and images, bringing the online annual report to life. With a host of photos and infographics, Zefier can now present its results and partners even more clearly.



The organisation via an online magazine

brought the annual report to life.


A personalised annual report with a brand-new look.

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